The LaFTAs - our awards for trading through 2018

About these small awards

The tile image on the homepage that leads to this page is called "Laughing While Reigning" by our lovely artist in res, Roxana Halls. This seemed very appropriate given that we have called these awards "The LaFTAs"

We are looking to work with member artists who are themselves striving to achieve a good and sustainable income from their LFTA service and who are making the most of the products and facilities we provide. Here we recognise some artists who have especially stood out to us through the 2018 trading year (last year).

We're a not-for-profit organisation so we don't have a lot to work with in making these awards, but each person below receives £20 of prepay onto their LFTA account to further help them in their endeavours.

1) Design initialtives - new ranges and new directions

Recognising people who have made steps into new styles and ideas to help develop their product offerings

2) Business development initiatives

Recognising people who have developed approaches to business generation through shops and markets, and just through good selling.

3) Business development involving new LFTA products (Prints and Calendars)

Recognising people who have embraced new LFTA product initiatives and made them work.

4) Ones to watch - who especially caught our eye in 2018

Recognising people who we feel will be very significant as their ranges develop and their presence on LFTA grows.

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