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About : Alyson Cadd - Artist based in Kingsbridge, South Hams, Devon

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I studied art and Interior Design in Manchester. Now I live in South Devon I am slowly rediscovering my artistic roots and am on a journey of experimenting with ‘unpredictable’ acrylics and deep texture. My style (and nature) tends to be controlled and realistic, which is ideal for animal art and pet portraits. However I am determined to be looser and more expressive as time progresses.

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Alyson  Cadd  –  Biography  

From BA to SEO to MDF

In the 1980s I studied Art and Architecture, then specialised in commercial Retail and Exhibition Design, working for major high street brands and a major restaurant and pub chain. 

Following a break to have a family I retrained in marketing, specialising in graphic design, branding, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website design. Basically, using my art and design skills in any feasible way. I developed my own consultancy between 2006 and 2016, then decided to retire early, move to South Devon and rekindle my artistic interests.

Having redesigned and renovated a house I had a multitude of sample pots of house emulsion paint, along with several off-cuts of MDF board. Being enterprising I decided to paint some landscapes and semi-abstracts on MDF, which sold at a local exhibition. I then went on to complete commissioned portraits of people and animals, one of which was offered as a prize in a community competition.

I am still on a journey of discovery, with various mediums including acrylics, metallics and natural materials from my garden and the beach. I use brush, air-spray, knife and collage techniques. My ambition is to create simple, highly visual, textural pieces of art that people want to have in their homes.  I accept commissions and am particularly interested in working with other artists, to network, support and share ideas for developing ways to display or sell their art. 

e:        w:     m: 07979 950445


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